No matter your age or skin type, you've got to respect the Nut; and, Wild Macadamia Body Butter is the Ultimate. Nut. Body. Butter. Our Macadamia Butter hails from WAAAAYYYY Down Under in Tasmania. Wild Macadamias are a hard nut to crack, but oh, is it worth it! Our Butter starts with our growers harvesting Macadamia nuts and sampling them to assess their moisture content. After sampling, the nuts are transferred to a state-of-the-art drying facility. After drying, the nuts are cracked to reveal the creamy, white kernel inside.

But, enough about the process. Let's talk about eternal youth. When we're young, our skin exudes a luminosity and plumpness due to the abundance of naturally occurring oils (sebum). As we age, cell turnover declines and so does our skin's ability to produce natural oil. A topical application of oils (nut butters) is an essential component in age defying skincare. Wild Macadamia Body Butter acts as a carrier for key ingredients that improve the function of the skin's all important lipid barrier, which keeps the skin moist, hydrated, smooth and "naturally" plump. 

Some people swear by using nothing but coconut oil (on their face) and I have to wonder why. Coconut Oil is highly comedogenic (will clog pores and cause breakouts). While I truly believe in Coconut Oil as an additive in bath and body products, as the only form of hydration (emollient) for the face, it's a, "NO Thank you very much," for me.

That's why Macadamia is one of my favorite Body Butters. There's something about the intensively moisturizing decadence that comes from being extracted from the meat (heart) of the nut; and it won't clog pores, so most people find it to be "wow factor" nutrition for the skin.


Other than Golden Jojoba (which is actually considered a waxy ester as opposed to an oil), Wild Macadamia is the closest match to naturally occurring sebum (youth oil) of the skin. It is amazingly hypoallergenic and boldly non-comedogenic.

Macadamia contains naturally occurring Squalene and Oleic Acid that assists with skin's imperative cell regeneration (and is immensely useful for uncommonly dry or chapped skin). It also contains Omega 6 Linoleic Acid, useful for balancing sebum production (in oily skin) and creates a powerfully protective skin barrier (impeding environmental moisture loss). The Macadamia Shell (that housed the nut oil/butter) is rich in natural Vitamin E. Wild Macadamia also contains Omega 7 (Palmitoleic Acid), beneficial for wound healing, scratches and burns. Its Phytosterols assist with itchiness and redness; and, its emollient, light, penetrating compounds make it a top choice for mature skin (with reduced production of natural sebum).

Wild Macadamia Body Butter. A tough nut to crack... but, oh, so worth it!

​Look. Younger. Longer.

Fragrances Available: Velvet Sugar and Unscented

For Topical Use only. Do not use if you have Nut or Soy allergies.

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Anti-Aging for Mature Skin, Emollient, Itching, Major Vitamin Source, Matches Natural Sebum,

Non-Comodogenic (Clogging), Perfect for Every Skin Type, Plumps, Powerful Omegas, Protects Lipid Barrier,

Redness Buster, Ultra Hydration for Severely Dry Skin

80% of what goes ON your skin goes IN your skin.

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