You want to stock your brick and mortar, e-commerce or Facebook Live store with products you know will move quickly (and have the largest margins).

It's a big temptation to order nationally recognized brands. That's a great idea. So great, in fact, that everyone's had it... including not one but all of your competitors.

So what do you do? Display it better? Price it cheaper?

We believe stocking what everyone else stocks is a bad idea - especially in today's dog-eat-dog retail atmosphere. What if I told you that you could have award winning products in every bath, body, beauty, salon, spa and medispa category, without having any direct competition?

While that's sinking in, imagine people coming to, calling or emailing you for your product. Why? Because they have fallen in love with something they cannot get anywhere else. Every product has your name, store, brand, address, email and phone number on it.  No more losing customers because you aren't necessarily open 24/7/365.  No more customer comparison or price shopping (because only you carry your product (unless you choose otherwise)!  You have to fill your store with something. Why not fill it with YOU? Stop making money by marketing other brands. Market yourself! Sell yourself! Make money for yourself!

The economy is BOOMING! Take a look at the stock market. Consumer spending for the last 48 months is the highest its been in history!  

Private Labeling is easy, fun, convenient and WILDLY PROFITABLE. Not because the ingredients aren't as good as national brands. They're actually better. Packaging? The sky's the limit. Fragrances? Essential Oils? We mix and sell phthalate-free, commercial blockbusters! We believe we've been around as long as we have, because we're always on the forefront of what's hot, what works and what's next.  

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