"I have pregnancy-induced eczema which was becoming a nightmare. It is Discoid Eczema which is the hardest to manage. I've been using this cream for a week so far and already noticing a difference! Thank you so much for a natural solution that has really aided my skin to heal!" - Eczema Body Butter

​"Over the years, I have tried so many different creams for my daughter's eczema. Nothing has compared to this product. It feels so lovely and light, but performed beyond all the thick, greasy, and ineffective products we've tried. You just need a little bit because it does go a long way. Moisturizes without any greasiness and soothes irritation. Very impressed and will be ordering more!" - Eczema Body Butter

"Y'all. My last flare had me in tears. Literally. This stuff is amazing. Sincerely, instant relief. I can't even begin to sing its praises loud enough. I'll be a customer for life!" - Psoriasis Body Butter

"Just had surgery. Doctor asked what I was using on my scar. I showed him the ingredients and he said, 'Keep using that!" - African Shea Body Butter

"The emptier my jar gets, the softer my skin gets!" - African Shea Body Butter

"I literally open the Vanilla Papaya 5 times a day just to smell it!" Vanilla Papaya Body Souffle'

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cold & Sinus Buster! Worked like a dream! Even my sinus headache went away!" - Cold & Sinus Body Butter

"I bought the eczema butter for my daughter and grand daughters. They have severe eczema especially in the winter. This product really works miracles for their skin." - Eczema Body Butter

"I think I have found my all-time favorite! The Vanilla Papaya Butter is incredible. Not at all greasy, yet emollient; sinks right into your skin leaving it extremely soft & hydrated!" Vanilla Papaya Body Souffle'

"OMG, this stuff is absolutely sinful! Thick and rich and smells just like a great cup of coffee! I use it as perfume. :)" - Colombian Coffee Body Butter

"Tried the Stress Salve last night. Slept like a baby!" - Stress Relief Herbal Salve

"Makes my skin feel like Velvet!" - Demerara Sugar Scrub

​"Literally my favorite body butter. It’s thick but soaks in right away and leaves your skin super soft but not greasy at all. It’s like magic!" - African Shea Body Butter

"I only used it a couple of times and already feel a difference!" - Demerara Sugar Scrub

"My husband won't use anything but your Wild Hemp Soap. It's taking over my bathroom!" Hemp Artisan Bar Soap

"Did this with my 2 daughters, face feels like silk!" Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask 

​"Love texture and fresh fragrance. Moisturized skin and absorbs within minutes with no oily feel." - Matcha Green Tea Body Butter

"Your 24 Carrot Butter is literally regrowing my hair. I'm so excited!" - 24 Carrot Body Butter and Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

"I take your Head Ease everywhere I go. Migraines that used to keep me down for 24 hours are now manageable within 20 minutes!" Head Ease Herbal Salve

​"I'm in love with your whole Cucumber Aloe line! That bar soap, though!!!!!" - Cucumber Aloe Bar Soap, Cucumber Extract Body Butter, Cucumber Aloe Sugar Scrub, Lotion, Bath Bomb, Moisturizing Body Spray

"Wonderful scrub! It rinses clean and smells great!" - Colombian Coffee Scrub

​"I’m 9 months pregnant and contribute my lack of stretch marks to this amazing body butter!" - Stretch Mark Creme

​"Really light and somehow soft. I use it morning and night and my tattoo looks beautiful. You don’t need much and it will probably last me a while. Definitely worth it!" - Tattoo Conditioner

"The teeniest bit of this butter goes a long way and stops the misery of itchy skin. Skin feels smooth and supple when applied and hours later. No greasiness or scent. It is amazing!" - Anti-Itch Body Butter

"The scents in your products are just beautiful! True to description; and, although I'm sensitive to scents, none of yours bothered me. Thank you. I thought I would have to use only unscented things for life. Overwhelmed with joy!" - All of our essential oil blends are phthalate-free.

"I wish I could give more than five stars! Bubble bath is absolutely amazing and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and smooth. The scent is absolutely wonderful too!" - Moisturizing Milk Bath/Bubble Bath


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