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Why Our Healing Spanish Calendula Body Butter?


Anti-Aging, Antiseptic, Athlete's Foot, Crow's Feet/Wrinkles, Cuticle Repair, Diaper Rash, 

Dry/Damaged/Split Skin, Eczema, Environmental Dermatitis, Inflamed Skin, Insect Bits, Jock Itch,

Moisture Retention, Rash, Rejuvenates/Restore Skin's Natural Water/pH Balance, Ringworm, 

Tissue Regeneration, Skin Glow, Sunburn, Wound Healing

In the world of Natural Ingredients, you can't go far without hearing about the amazing healing properties of Calendula. There are many different kinds of Calendula; but, only one of them is the "real deal" for nutritive skin repair. Our Calendula Oil comes from the Andalusian region of Spain. Because it is difficult to distill enough Calendula Seed Oil to support a butter base, alone, our Calendula Oil is captured in 100% organic, hand grown, cold-pressed olive oil. We use three types of hand picked olives for our carrier oil - chosen for their natural moisturizing properties which creates a rich, high-quality olive oil. In the light between the trees, we grow Calendula Flowers with the same 100% organic standards. Calendula flowers follow the sun - opening at daybreak and closing at sun down, absorbing the enriched goodness from the aerated topography. The flower is harvested by hand, mixed with the freshly pressed oil and kept outside, in glass containers, for one month. The result is a superior Calendula Oil from the sunny Costa Del Sol countryside.

Now that we know the how, let's talk about the why. 

Calendula Officianalis was potent enough to be used in Dark Ages Europe to fight off the plague; so, you can imagine the healing properties it has for skin. Cleopatra is said to have used it, daily, under her famously painted eye shadow to ward off those pesky desert wrinkles. Our pristine Herbal Formula is a little oil with BIG benefits. Calendula's fiery red and orange petals correlate with a full spectrum of antioxidant flavonoids (that fight premature aging and photo damage). A skin tonic of sorts, our Spanish Calendula Body Butter has unmatched spreadability properties with impressive vulnerary (healing) action on small, stubborn wounds, acne, skin ulcers, bed sores, varicose veins, rashes, eczema and more. It is also a proven analgesic agent for achy, tired skin and muscles. Full of anti-aging carotenoids, natural saponins and glycosides sterols, Spanish Calendula Butter makes quick work of healing split skin (like between fingers and toes), athlete's foot, ringwork and jock itch. A natural immune stimulant, Calendula Butter is a time-tested, major-mother approved, calming herbal remedy.

​Spanish Calendula - the official Body Butter of Mother Nature!

Available Fragrances: See our Fragrance page for a full listing of our 70+ fragrances (Seasonal Favorites and Unscented also available). Top Selling year round fragrances: Cucumber Melon, Honey Mandarin and Beach Daisies. Also available in Unscented.

Shelf life 1 year in temperate weather and avoiding direct sunlight. Refrigeration can extend shelf life. ​During transit, vegetable butters may possibly melt or partially melt. Some butters may crystallize if they resolidify too slowly. This does not impact the quality or usability of the butter.  ​

For topical use only. Do not use if you have Calendula (Pot Marigold), Olive or Nut Allergies.