How this pet shampoo formula came to be:

John and I have a Rottweiler rescue. His name is Ruger. Ruger is not a water dog. He is an actual amphibian.

We live, with Ruger, on 12 wooded acres (with a two-acre pond full of turtles, UFOs "unidentified fish objects" and other, well, critters). While Ruger seemingly trained, daily, for something akin to the Canine Summer Olympics, we had to put up with the constant smell (and scratching) of our 150-lb. “no-gilled” pup. We were already formulators and makers of all things natural…(for our fellow humans)…so we refused to do what most of the rest of the world does (hook Ruger up with a hose and a bottle of DAWN dishwashing detergent (sulfates are as terrible for dogs as they are for people). After 2 weeks of recipe formulating, we coaxed Ruger (with homemade peanut butter treats) into the shower. John scrubbed up and I scrubbed down with our new, homemade concoction. With God as my witness, Ruger exited that shower like a backlit Hollywood Star, his hair, “blue black” like he’d just been to the beauty parlor for highlights; AND, he stayed out of his prized lake for 14 days (that's years in dog days).

He didn’t scratch. He didn’t lick himself; and, we knew we could then wait a spell before developing an All Natural Pet Odor remedy (for the foot of our bed and backseat of our truck). Granted, on day 15, Ruger did do a back flip (with a twist) off the dock (but we’re pretty sure it was because John was practicing fly fishing and the spinner was, well, you know, shiny).


Matilda (above, left) and Festus (above, right) have been an item longer than either of them remember.

When asked the secret for their longstanding union, both credited the powerful chemistry between them.

Private Label Products knows a thing or two about chemistry...including when to leave the chemistry out of it.

Wild things deserve nature's best and we believe we have it with our "Hair of the Dog" Pet Shampoo. Oats and goats have two things in common...the veritable richness of soothing colloidal oatmeal and the bounty of beautiful vitamins and nutrients of premium goat milk will keep your Spot, Champ or Henry in the hunt with their significant others.

Stop the itching and flaking while feeding your furry friends' skin with the nutrients they deserve for being your loyal companion.

It's Dog-eat-Dog world out there...and our canine coat quencher is OFF THE CHAIN®!

Available in Unscented, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, BubbleGum, Butt Naked, Green Tea & Aloe and Lavender Apple.




Soothing pad and skin formula

​launching in August.

Pet Shampoo, Paw Cream - pH Perfect, Human Mother Approved!