Moisturizing Milk Protein Bubble Bath

There isn't much a long, hot bath won't fix. Just a capful of our Milk Protein Bubble Bath will transport you to a world where deadlines, relationships, chores and children can't find you. Our gentle formula helps slough off dead skin cells and moisturizes the new skin underneath. Soak in Tropical Oils and Mother Nature's Botanicals. When Calgon isn't enough, let us take you away. Available in 2-, 8-, 16- & 32oz. Bottles (As Well as Gallon/ Back Bar).

Moisturizing Shower Gel/Bath Wash

I'M NOT SAYING that the beloved expression, "Singing in the   Shower," started because of the thrill that comes with using our     body wash, but I'm not saying it didn't. Get squeaky clean (and           moisturize while you're at it)! Available in 2-, 8-, 16oz. Bottles            (As Well as Gallon/Back Bar).


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Moisturizing Shampoo

Round out your Private Label selection of bath and shower products with Bed & Breakfast quality shampoo. Available in 2-, 8-, 16oz.  Bottles (As Well as Gallon/Back Bar).

1 Beautiful Formula - Served 3 Ways:

Milk/Bubble Bath, Shower Gel/Body Wash and Shampoo