Acai Blueberry - NEW!

Amaretto - NEW!

Ambrosia- NEW!

​Apple Jacks Type​ - NEW & HOT!

​Apple Martini - NEW & HOT!

Apricot - COMING SOON!

Arctic Peppermint

​Banana - NEW & HOT!

*Banana Coconut - NEW!

Bahama Mama - COMING SOON!
​*Banana Coconut - NEW!
Banana Colada - COMING SOON!
Banana Creme - COMING SOON!
Banana Daiquiri - COMING SOON!
Banana's Foster - NEW!
​Banana Pudding - COMING SOON!
​*Banana Split - NEW!

Banana's Foster - NEW!

​*Banana Split - NEW!

Berrylicious - COMING SOON!

Birthday Cake - COMING SOON!

Black Cherry - HOT!

*Bubble Gum                       

*Butt Naked

Cabernet Crush

Candy Apple - NEW!

Champagne & Berries

​Cherry Cola - NEW!

​Cherry Limeade - COMING SOON!

​Cherry Vanilla - NEW!

​*Chocolate Kisses - NEW!
​*Chocolate Lava Cake - NEW!
​Cinnamon Apple - NEW!
Cinnamon Red Hots - COMING SOON!


Newest Lip Scrub Flavors: Banana Split, Buttercream Icing, Chocolate Kisses, Cinnamon Apple,              


Lime Margarita, Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Shortcake and more...   

All Flavors are available in Brown or White Sugar Lip Scrub; however, some flavors smell and taste better in one or the other.   We have broken down our favorite options for you, below.

All Flavors are All Natural and/or Organic Flavor Oils.

No One Manufactures More Flavored Lip Products than Private Label Products!  


For years we have been a leader in All Natural, Lip Butter Balms.

Due to their overwhelming popularity, we are revamping and retooling the whole department! Our new Lip Line will allow us to offer MANY more All Natural and Organic Flavors, and it will give you the opportunity to customize certain formulas with amazing enhancers... like Calming Cucumber Extract, Super Fruit / Super Food Extracts, Bee Propolis, Honey, Royal Jelly, Vitamins and Minerals, as well as, Cosmedical Butter Balms for Sufferers of Acne, Sensitive Skin, Dermatitis Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea), and much more... 

While We Work to Launch this New Line, our Classic, Best Selling, All Natural Flavors Will Be Available:


To Order Call 478.475.0039

Keep Watching this Space for Roll Out Announcements of New Flavors!

​Which Flavors Would You Like to See?

*Almond Biscotti

Almond Creme​​ - HOT!

Apple Butter - NEW!

Apple Cider - NEW!

Apple Jacks Type​ - NEW & HOT!

Apple Pie (Baked)

*Bailey's - NEW!

​*Banana - NEW & HOT!

​*Banana Coconut - NEW!

*Banana Colada - COMING SOON!

*Banana Creme - COMING SOON!

*Banana Daiquiri - COMING SOON!

Banana's Foster - NEW & HOT!

​*Banana Pudding - COMING SOON!

​*Banana Split - NEW!

*Bavarian Creme

Birthday Cake - COMING SOON!

Black Cherry - HOT!

Black Raspberry Vanilla - COMING SOON!

Blackberry Cobbler - COMING SOON

Blueberry Cheesecake - COMING SOON!

Blueberry Cobbler - COMING SOON!

*Brown Sugar & Fig - NEW!

*Butt Naked​​

Butter Pecan - NEW & HOT!

​*Buttercream Icing - NEW!

*Buttery Toffee Crunch - NEW!
Cake Batter - COMING SOON!

Caramel Apple - COMING SOON!

Strawberry Banana

​Sun-Kissed Raspberry

Sweet Citrus

Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Mint​


Wild Blackberry

Many commercial brands of Lip Scrub use fragrance oil and sweetener to trick their customers into thinking

their products are flavored. They do this because It's a cost saving measure and it makes their products smell "strong." 

We believe this to be an abhorrent and dangerous practice.

At Private Label Products, we only use All Natural and/or Organic, Chef-Inspired Flavor Oils. The proof is in the taste;

and, while our Lip Products do have a nice aroma, some scents are stronger than others.

        Check Back, Often. New Ones Will Quickly, Move Up the Best Sellers List!
*Denotes "Light" Scent and/or Flavor.

Arctic Peppermint

Black Cherry

​Cool Spearmint

Fuji Apple

​Fruit Punch

Georgia Peach

​Green Tea


​Iced Pear


Edible Brown or White Sugar Lip Scrub, Lip Gloss Balm (Jar), and Lip Butter Balm.

Coming Soon: Lip Goss (Wand), Lip Plumper, and more...

Nobody Makes More Flavored Lip Products than Private Label Products!

What's Your FAVE?

Caramel Corn/Cracker Jack's Type  - NEW!

​Caramel Sea Salt - COMING SOON!

*Carrot Cake w/Icing​​​​ - NEW!

​Cherry Cola - NEW!

Cherry Cobbler- COMING SOON!

Cherry Vanilla - NEW!
Chocolate (Natural) - NEW!
*Chocolate Cheesecake - NEW & HOT!!
Chocolate Fudge Brownies - NEW & HOT!
*Chocolate Kisses - NEW & HOT!
*Chocolate Lava Cake - NEW & HOT!
Cinnamon Apple - NEW & HOT!

*Cinnamon Bun/Roll - COMING SOON!

Cinnamon Red Hots - COMING SOON!
*Coconut Creme - NEW!
*Coconut Milk & Peaches​

​Cola Type - COMING SOON!

​Colombian Coffee - NEW!

​*Cookies & Creme - NEW!

​Cookie Dough - COMING SOON!

​Cranberry Orange - COMING SOON!

Creme Brulee - COMING SOON!

​Dr. Pepper Type - NEW!

​Dulce de Leche - NEW!

Egg Nog - NEW!

*French Toast - COMING SOON!
*French Vanilla

Fuji Apple (Red Delicious)

​*Gingerbread House - COMING SOON!​​


        Check Back, Often. New Ones Will Quickly, Move Up the Best Sellers List!

                                  *Denotes Lovely, "Light" Scent and/or Flavor.




Are Available in all Flavors on this page.

Some Flavors perform better in gloss than others.

The most popular ones change with seasons

and new flavor launches.

2021 Best Sellers, To Date, Include: Acai Blueberry,

Apple Jacks Type, Apple Martini, Black Cherry, Cherry Vanilla, Concord Grape, Fruit Loops Type, Fruit Punch, Island Papaya, Kiwi Nectar, Lime Margarita, Melon Margarita, Passion Fruit,

 Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Banana, and Watermelon.

​With Handmade Products,

Shades and Flavor Loads May Vary.

These Glosses Do Not Leave a Color On Your Lips. 

We are Working on a Tinted Gloss Line.

Keep Watching this Space for the Launch Announcement!



​​*Glazed Donut - NEW!​

*Grapevine Raisin - COMING SOON!

*Hazelnut - NEW!

Island Papaya - NEW & HOT!


​​​​Iced Pomegranate - NEW & HOT!

*Macaroon (Toasted Coconut) - NEW!
*Milk Chocolate - NEW!
Mint Chocolate

Ooey Gooey Caramel
Peanut Butter & Jelly - NEW!
​Peanut Butter Cup - NEW!
*Pecan Praline - NEW!

Pina Colada - NEW!
Plum Crazy - NEW & HOT!

*Pumpkin Cheesecake - NEW!
Pumpkin Pi
e​​ - NEW!

*Red Velvet Cake - COMING SOON!

*Reese's Pieces Type - NEW!

Root Beer Type - NEW!

​*S'mores - NEW!
​*Salted Caramel
- NEW!

*Snickerdoodle ​- NEW!

Tiramisu - NEW!
​*Tootsie Pop Type - NEW & HOT!

​*Vanilla Cafe - NEW & HOT!

*Vanilla Icing - NEW!

*Vanilla Mint - NEW!
White Chocolate  

​*Coconut Creme - NEW!
​*Coconut Milk & Peaches

Concord Grape - HOT!
Cool Spearmint 
Cranberry Orange - COMING SOON!

Cucumber Melon - NEW!
Dill Pickle - NEW!

​Dr. Pepper Type - NEW & HOT!

Fruit Punch - HOT!

Fruit Loops Type - HOT!

Fuji Apple (Red Delicious) - HOT!
*Georgia Peach - HOT
*Grapefruit (Pink)

Green Apple - COMING SOON!  

Green Tea - COMING SOON! 
*Iced Pear - HOT
Iced Pomegranate - HOT!
Island Guava - HOT!
Italian Parfait
Juicy Fruit Gum Type - NEW & HOT!
​Key Lime - HOT!
Jelly Bean - COMING SOON! 
​Kiwi Nectar - NEW & HOT!

Kiwi Strawberry - COMING SOON!

​Lemon Cheesecake - COMING SOON!

Lemon Pound Cake - COMING SOON!
Lemongrass Peppermint - COMING SOON!

Lemon Drop/Lemon Heads - COMING SOON!
​Lemon Mint - COMING SOON!

Lemonade - HOT!

Lime Margarita - NEW & HOT!
Limoncello Creme - COMING SOON!

Mango Madness - COMING SOON!

Melon Margarita - NEW & HOT!

*Mt. Dew Type​ (Lemon/Lime) - NEW & HOT!
Naked Nectarine - COMING SOON!
​Orange Creamsicle - HOT!

Orange Sorbet - COMING SOON!
​Orange Sherbet - COMING SOON!

Passion Fruit - HOT!
Perfect Pineapple
​Pina Colada

Pineapple Soft Serve - COMING SOON
Pink Lemonade - NEW & HOT!

Plum Crazy - NEW & HOT!

Raspberry Glaze  
Red Bull Type - NEW!
​Root Bear Type - NEW!

Skittles Type - NEW! 

​Sour Head Candy Type - COMING SOON!

Sparking Sangria​ - NEW & HOT!

Strawberry Banana - NEW & HOT! 
Strawberry Daiquiri - NEW!
​Strawberry Kiwi - COMING SOON!

Strawberry Mint​​​​​​ - COMING SOON!

Strawberry Shortcake - NEW!​
Strawberry Sorbet - NEW!                
*Sweet Strawberry

*Sweet Tarts - COMING SOON!

*Tootsie Pop Type - NEW

​*Tutti Frutti - NEW & HOT!

​Twisted Tangerine - COMING SOON!

Vanilla Cafe  - NEW!

​*Vanilla Mint - COMING SOON!

​Vitamin C (Orange) - HOT!

Watermelon - HOT!

​Wild Blackberry