1. Provide Your Sales & Use ID#

    (if you do not have one you will be

    charged tax).

2. If you know the products you want

    give us a call. We will take the order

    by phone. Reorders can be done via

    email. If you do not know what

    products you want, we will help you.

3. If you have artwork send it to us. If

    you do not, we will design it for you.

4. You will be charged at the time of

    your order (because everything is 

    personalized). We accept credit

    cards and PayPal.

5. Sign off on your label design.

6. Products will be made, labeled and

    shipped. Expect 3-8 weeks (from

    label approval) for products to ship

    (longer during peak seasons). Our  

    products are made fresh to provide

    you with the longest possible shelf


7. At shipment, you will be charged for


8. Rinse. Repeat.

To order samples call SHEA SHARP at 478.475.0039.

Due to the large volume of samples ordered; and, the fact that each sample is fresh & handmade, please allow 2-3 weeks for completion before shipment.


 Private Label Products is our full-time (and then some) job (career). We are the oldest manufacturer of our kind in the U.S. When you call us, you get us on the phone. This is all we do. We are a full-blown manufacturing facility (600+ products of our own) and contract manufacturers of many others. We are as turnkey as you want us to be. We formulate, reverse engineer, manufacture, bottle, label...even drop ship orders over $500 for you.

Want a container we don't offer? No problem. We'll get it for you or you can ship us yours. Want a fragrance or essential oil we don't stock? We'll get it or you can ship us yours. Back Bar? We've got that. There is really no part of the manufacture/white label/private label process we can't handle. To grow your business you need a few things: Time (we handle all production), New Products to offer (we roll out new items every quarter), Strong Stats (to help you set MSRP and Wholesale-to-Wholesale prices) and Inspiration.

​The first time you order, we will walk you through everything (it's not as difficult as you might think). Whether you already have camera ready graphics, need a logo or want a full label design/redesign, our on-site graphics' department is the best in the business (visit our Graphics' Page for some examples of our masterpieces).

Minimum first time order is $1,000. Reorders are only $250. Big companies snicker when I tell them this... mom & pop stores love it. Can we make a MILLION items? Yes. We believe this is why we've been in business longer than anyone else.

Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea where to begin, it just takes one simple phone call to Shea Sharp at 478.475.0039.

Don't be overwhelmed at the amount of products/fragrances/flavors we have to choose from. We'll help you navigate it. Private Labeling is all the rage. Brick and mortar stores, online shops and Facebook Live no longer has to compete with the same national brands carried by all of the competition.

I can't say it enough: "Stop your customers from price and comparison shopping."
They will fall in love with the products they can only get from you. Your business could go in a million directions. This is the right one. This is our expertise... and, remember, you can always get us on the phone!


Shea Sharp