- No Petroleum Products

- No Mineral Oil

- No Paraffins

"I've never had better reviews on any product from any vendor. I can't believe I can now get it with CBD! Thank you for everything you make; AND, a huge shout out because you are the only one of my manufacturers I can actually get on the PHONE!"

A. Jacobson - Montreal

Our customers and bath and body products have been featured in regional, national and international magazines, as well as, prime talk, medical and multiple shopping network television shows.

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"With 4 locations in Upstate New York, you might as well just send a semi of your Cold & Sinus Products! They sell out every year!"

T. Rodeheaver - Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and Binghamton, NY 

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For decades we have been the clear frontrunner in all things bath, body, beauty, salon and spa. In the last 5 years, we have conquered the beauty and cosmedicals' markets. How do we improve on being the #1 manufacture of body products? By taking our naturopathic knowledge into an entirely new direction. Private Label SuperFoods!

First Up: All Natural, Organic, Wildcrafted and Homespun, Traditional and Nontraditional, Artisan honeys! Experience 19, old-fashioned, mouth-watering, jaw dropping, whipped, non-whipped, gourmet spread, infused and varietal sensations. Our chef-inspired flavors are 6-Seed (Omega), Allergy Buster (Wildcrafted), Black Garlic, Chile' Pepper, Chipotle, Cinnamon, Ghost Pepper, Kentucky Bourbon, Lavender Apple, Lemon Ginger, Matcha Green Tea, Orange Blossom, Pumpkin Spice, Sourwood (Buttery Caramel), Sweet & Salty, Turmeric, Vanilla Bean and Wildflower (Traditional)! Whether you want to butter your biscuit, slather your pancakes, grill zesty chicken, bake meaty ribs, or drizzle your favorite ice cream, we've got you covered!

Psst... Wait till you hear what else is coming!

​Private Label Products and Private Label SuperFoods! OOH, it's so good!

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"Your Muscle Gel! Gurrhl... where has this been all my life? I put it on at night and still feel relief in the morning! I also LOVE the way it smells! It makes me feel like I'm at a Day Spa for pain relief. It truly is a vacay from a constant ache. Thank you!

G. Blankenship -