Years ago, the art of manufacturing under the banner of wholesale, "private-", and "white-labeling" became a viable, and very bankable, business. We should know. As the oldest, US factory of our kind, we spearheaded the movement. Early and often, we learned the lesson, "There's no such thing as a shortcut for hands-on experience." While that old adage has been monumentally true, for us, it doesn't have to be true for you.


Flash forward through the decades. "Private- and White-Label Manufacturers" and "Overseas Product Brokers" began arriving, like Carpetbaggers, at America's markets. In Atlanta, Dallas, LA, Miami, Minneapolis, Philly, and Vegas there were wall-to-wall tables and tablecloths, backdrops and frontmen, and one major problem. Everyone was selling the same thing! I remember thinking it was a good thing that people had to shower, everyday, because there were bubbly, Lavender, Rose, and Oatmeal bar soaps for as far as the eye could see. 

That very day we packed up our booth, went back to the drawing board, and never looked back.

Today unparalleled, naturopathic, and homeopathic products' manufacturing is an intensely personal journey for us.​In a world full of fast promises, subpar products, middle men, and lackluster products and product ratings, we decided to rewrite the rules of an entire industry.

National and commercial brands still dominate traditional ad space. Meanwhile, weekend warriors are in their kitchens, late at night, cooking up cold process soaps and cremes for their side hustle shops/ channels/brand awarenesses on Facebook, CommentSold, Youtube, Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, TikTok, Faire, Tundra, Hello Abound, and more. Everyone's an entrepreneur. Business has never been better; nor more competitive.

How do you create a brand that cuts through the noise and clutter? How do you envision, build, market, sell, maintain, wash, and repeat, a brand that will get noticed, get repeat business, and stand the test of time (not to mention, competition and, sometimes "wrongly educated" consumers)? I'll tell you what we did it, because there's a lesson in it for you.

I told you, it was going to get personal...

My lifelong best friend (35 years) is a Certified Raw Food Nutritionist. For three decades, she has schooled me on what I "can" and "cannot" put into, and onto, my body (including my hair). And, while I applaud her ability to "pick" herself a "highly and positively vibrational," LIVE lunch of dandelions and kudzu (from her backyard before her husband mows the grass), she has yet to pry me loose from my white-knuckled grip on sweet tea and gravy. That said, I did and still do, listen intently when she talks about what goes on my body.

After all 80% of what goes On the skin goes IN the skin; and, 60% gets in the bloodstream.

That little tidbit, for us, was life changing.

The day we left the mart behind, for good, we knew we needed a quick and novel, "Think and Grow Rich", best-selling idea. The problem was, money was not our driving force. This whole adventure had started in our own country kitchen when we, as weekend warriors, learned to make what I still believe is the world's best bar of soap. It was the world's best because of the ingredients we put in it. It was the world's best because of what we got out of it - super silky, smooth, hydrated skin with no residue, no uncomfortable skin tightening, no dryness, and no itching. It was our first lesson in skin moisturization and protection, "Never strip your skin of its natural oils. In fact, find ways to support it."

While other manufacturers came and went, their motivation was, mostly, about padding their bottom lines. They would bargain and haggle for cheap, synthetic ingredients (and fillers) while we, literally, bet our livelihood (and all of our life's savings) on fair-trade sourced, primal, raw, uncut, unfiltered, undiluted ingredients. We bought "organic," before it was cool (and at twice the price). When "organic" was not an option, we found growers, farmers, cultivators, and horticulturists who had "virgin," or "unrefined," or "first-pressed" ingredient options.  

Naysayers and competitors told us we would "lose our shirts," because, "All the customer cares about is price." We didn't believe them, of course, because we remembered how we felt when we ordered an advertised product and looked forward to its arrival (long before Amazon Prime), only to receive it and be completely disappointed with it in some way (generally, its lack of quality). We also remembered, with absolute glee, the way our soap bars made us, our family, and our friends feel. We were never disappointed with a single batch. In fact, each bar turned out better than we expected! 

So, what if we duplicated that "feeling" with customers? Customers who saved up to buy our products? Customers who weren't used to seeing results? Customers who didn't read ingredient decks? Customers who had never seen the real deal? Customers who may have spent a little more with us hoping the hype was true? Customers who, then, had a truly, refreshing, and memorable experience because what they got was better than what they expected? 

And, that, my friends, was the billion dollar, idea!

Instead of using anymore money for markets (or anything else), we dedicated the business to God and asked him to run every department. We asked Him wisdom and favor. We tithed into areas we felt His call. And, because we know God provides "supernaturally" for our efforts, in the natural, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. I told my husband that if he would give me a "tithe" (small portion/tenth) of the money we had put into an expensive market, that I would use that money to send samples to those that God would usher in. I vowed to call 100 people a day, Monday-Friday. We were newly married. I was the born salesperson. He was the born EVERYTHING ELSE! For six months, the old office telephone was glued to my head. I received every imaginable response every single day. Every. Single. Day. When I could get through a secretary/gatekeeper to get the name and address of a decision maker/buyer, I instantly sent samples. If I could not get through the gatekeeper, I send them to the gatekeeper. 

My heart knew one set of truths. My husband made amazing products, God was our provider/sustainer, and that getting even one sample into someone's hand would mean a sales. 

There came a day that was so busy, I could not make phone calls. Then there were two. One day I looked up at the calendar. It had been six months. We had been faithful. God had been faithful. From humble beginnings, our stock list grew from 13 (not all natural) products in 13 (phthalate-filled) fragrances to over 800 (all natural) products in 350 essential oils, essential oil blends, or (non-phthalate) fragrances; and, this didn't even include our lip products. We have over 125, All Natural and Organic Flavors! 

Store owners called us with bigger and bigger orders. They began to understand that all they had to do was get a sample of our (their) product into a customer's hand. The product would, then, speak for itself.  


Annual and bi-annual orders turned into monthly, weekly and, sometimes, daily reorders. I remember when we got our first overseas customer! And, while it was oh-so tempting to rest on our laurels, and continue pumping out what formulas we knew, our instincts told us that something else, something unexpected was coming.

A tidal wave!

With the advent of social media content and selling, everyone began wanting the next BIG (or little) thing. They "had to have" the "thing" they read about yesterday. Tomorrow, they would want the "thing" they heard about, today. Bath, Body, and Beauty ruled the world. Customers researched and were "click-baited" with

ads featuring movie stars, models, musicians, athletes... all "encouraging" their fans to be cool, hip, young, beautiful, thin, sexy, and "woke"  (while, also being taught to be environmentally conscious, non-global warming, non-carbon-footprint-making, child-labor aware, members, in good standing, of PETA). The floodgates parted. 

Every other call was for a product we did not yet, make... until, it became EVERY call.

While other manufacturers hedged their bets and kept their offerings lean ("Go deep. Not wide," they'd say), we took a second leap of faith and, well, leapt. Our customers wanted (fill in the blank) so, (fill in the blank we did). And, we did it all, with great ingredients in great formulas with great delivery systems! (Moral of the story, it's all about the width.)

Today, our formulas circle the globe; and, in a time when the "usual faires'" product results, reorders, and loyalty are at an all-time low (while writing fake Amazon Reviews is an actual career path, with benefits),

we are announcing the launch of 200, shiny, new, "better than expected" products to our, "oh, yes we did, list." 

Here's the beautiful part.

We manufacture and contract manufacture so many products, in so many categories, in so many containers,

with such different art, in so many scents and flavors, that the playing field is still amazingly level, highly profitable, and never saturated. So, whether you're a startup, still kickin' it in a brick-and-mortar, or doing your thing on the next big (or little) sales app, we still stand by that one, life/business-altering piece of advice. Give your customers more than they bargain for...

It's such a rare occurrence, they'll stay with you for life... AND BRING OTHERS! 

For today's brand and sales' entrepreneurs, the pace of progress requires some hard, non-negotiables: Vision to see the "Big Picture," motivation for the "Long Haul," and follow-through on the "Little Things." We'll take care of the rest.

Believe it or not, the compliment we receive the most has nothing, at all, to do with our product(s). It's the one where our customers tell us they appreciate the ability to actually reach us, by phone, and talk to a live, knowledgeable person who's, "Been where I'm going."

You've got to start somewhere. Why not ahead of the pack? Your business could go in a thousand directions. This is the right one.

This is where we ask to be your brand "mentor."

(Because, an experienced mentor will always teach you to "Close the deal.")

(USA) 1-478.475.0039, M-F 8:00am-4:30pm EST.

Ask for Shea Sharp, Dawn Cox, John Cox, Darren Huckey, or Hannah Parsons. 

or send us introductions and questions to orders@privatelabelproducts.biz



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