Deeply. Nourished. Hair (and Scalp). Our premium Deep Conditioning Hair Masks are chock full​ of Vitamins, Minerals, Natural Oils and Lipids that feed your hair shaft, heal your scalp and add monster volume and shine! From dandruff to alopecia to lifeless-looking locks, don't take our hair masks (butters) lightly (unless, of course, you need a light hair butter - Sweet Almond) Boom. Instant Glam! All Deep Conditioning Hair Masks provide anti-aging moisture and silkiness; but, different masks provide individual benefits as well. Try them all!

24 Carrot - Stimulates growth of new cells. A natural source of vitamins A, E and beta-carotene. 

Aloe - Protects/heals hair from photo sun damage and seals in humectant moisture.

Arnica - Thickens hair follicles. Promotes new growth in areas which may be subject to thinning and hair loss

Avocado - Protein and Vitamin B & E formula for hair growth, shaft strength and shine.

Buttermilk - Loaded with vital nutrients that nourish hair strands from the inside out, and milk proteins, that make your locks longer and stronger. Drives away dandruff. Straightens hair naturally.​​

Calendula - Nourishes and thickens hair shaft while banishing dandruff.

Chia - Nourishing sebum protein formula for split ends, shine and an itchy scalp.

Cocoa Mango - Curl protector specifically formulated for dark, damaged hair BUT, can be used on every other shade for shine and manageability. Restores damaged hair shafts from heat appliances.

Eczema Scalp - Use 4 days in a row to nourish scaly, itchy, inflamed scalp and gently slough away dead skin cells. Repeat as necessary.

Green Tea - Contains the hair loss inhibiting properties of 5-alpha-reductase and catechins to mend your beautiful mane.

Hemp - Creates circulation under the scalp and adds natural protein and Omegas 3, 6 & 9 to stimulate hair growth.

Jojoba - Anti-fungal scalp moisturizer for sensitive skin (and destroy dandruff).

Lavender - Especially formulated to nourish and illuminate Gray/Silver hair BUT, can be used on every other shade with silky results.

Lemon Highlights - The citrus vitamin formula for Vitamin C and highlights that started it all.

Lime Highlights - Works like the Lemon Highlights Mask but with beautiful Lime Essential Oil.

Oat - Skin-identical lipids and natural ceramide to heal hair shaft and scalp. Done and done!

Olive - Ultra nourishing conditioner that improves the strength & elasticity of hair subjected to heavy styling and high humidity. 

Psoriasis Scalp - Natural polyphenols to help with broken skin and scalp lesions, itching and inflammation.

Prickly Pear - TBA

Rosehip - Restorative formula for permed, chemically treated/colored hair.

Shea - Coats hair shaft with natural oil to protects it from deep damage caused by chemical hair treatments, straighteners, etc.

Sweet Almond - High in vitamins and minerals. Designed to nourish lighter weight hair that is easily weighed down.  

Tangerine Highlights - Works like the Lemon & Lime Highlights Mask but with beautiful Tangerine Essential Oil.

Tea Tree - Dermatologists recommended to unblock hair follicles and boost the immune system which aids in the fight against infections that lead to hair loss (while preventing head lice and dandruff).

Tropical - Six tropical botanicals improve performance of the blood vessels of the scalp, repair damaged capillaries, remove harmful hair deposits, tone follicles and breathe new life into dull, dry hair.

Whipped Vitamin - Vitamin Pack for the scalp. 

Wild Macadamia - Add strength and nourishment to every strand while calming frizz, tangles and dullness to create Va Va Voom Shine!

32 Deep Conditioning Hair Butter Masks to Rock Your Locks!

Coming Soon: ​Daily Defense Oil and Shampoo/Conditioner Bars

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