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Why Our Eczema Body Butter?

Longer ago than I care to say, our Cosmedical Line was founded around a recipe that worked miracles on Eczema. Our daughter and two grandchildren suffered severely from the red, itchy, blotchy, scaly, (misery loves company) condition. After spending a fortune on doctors (injections and ointments), I asked my lifelong best friend (who is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist) what ingredients she would use if she was making an Eczema Salve at home. "I wouldn't make a salve at all," she said. "I'd make a healing butter."

Turns out her ingredients offered a smooth texture that allowed much needed oxygen to get into the skin during the healing process. So I went to work with the natural healing butters, vitamins, minerals and botanicals called for in her custom formulation. (Since we own a factory that makes premium All Natural Bath, Body and Products, we were able to do amazing research and testing on our new product.)

The one thing I loved about the product (outside of the relief it brought my family) was how quickly it began to work. This butter has NO MINERAL OIL/PETROLEUM, ALCOHOL, PARABENS, PHATHALATES or FRAGRANCE (the very thing commercial products get wrong)!

Offering this product, wholesale and private labeled, has given us the opportunity to offer hope to those with a myriad of skin ailments. When you carry these types of products in your store, we will walk you through what the FDA will and won't allow you to "say" based on where and how you sell your products.

This is a product whose benefits deliver and deliver quickly.

Shelf life is 18 months in temperate weather (avoiding direct sunlight). Refrigeration can extend shelf life. During transit, the butter may slightly melt or sweat. This does not impact the quality or usability of the butter.

For Topical Use Only. Do Not Use if you have Shea, Hemp or Nut Allergies.


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