With Lavender (Calming) or Peppermint (Cooling) Essential Oils


80% of what goes ON your skin goes IN your skin.

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BENEFITS AT A GLANCE: Anti-Aging, Antibacterial, Arthritis, Athlete's Foot, Bursitis, Dermatitis, Exfoliation, Fibromyalgia, Muscle & Joint Pain, Natural Spa & Beauty, Osteoarthritis, Psoriasis, Shrink Pore Size, Sore Muscles, Sports Injuries, Tendonitis, Vitiligo 

I have been blessed enough to go to the Dead Sea many times and experience, first-hand, how wonderful it is to soak in an ancient, mineral-rich sea. I have enjoyed stress-free days of floating under the blazing sun. It is here, as a child, where I also got my first real spa treatment — a head-to-toe slathering of fresh, black, Organic Dead Sea mud! Dead Sea Mud has the highest contents of mineral salt available (compared to any other body/spa product on the planet). Chock full of nutrients, the Dead Sea's health benefits are as varied as the people who use it.
Although best known for leaving skin clean, silky and smooth, Dead Sea Mineral Mud is a master of these:

1. Detoxifying

The mud’s gentle pulling action helps gently exfoliate the skin and draw out impurities and toxins, so it’s a perfect part of any holistic health detox plan. It’s also great for oily, acne-prone skin.

2. Increased Circulation

Ever noticed how after doing a facial your skin is red? That’s because facials stimulate blood flow (as do body masks or wraps). Circulation helps bring vital nutrients and oxygen to your cells and carry away toxins and wastes — all essential to healthy and normal cell functioning.

3. Improved Skin Health

Organic Dead Sea Mud is high in minerals, such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium, so it nourishes the skin. It also naturally softens and moisturizes, dramatically improving the appearance and health of skin leaving it clearer, toned and even in texture.

4. Skin Conditions

Studies by the Dead Sea Research Center (DSRC), a non-profit organization, have shown Dead Sea Mud is useful for treating skin conditions, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and vitiligo, especially when used in conjunction with moisturizing creams, and increased sun exposure. (Our Vitamin Plumping Eye/Face/Neck Creme was specifically formulated to follow the application of our Organic Dead Sea Mud (Masks).

5. Relieving Aches & Pains

Dead Sea Mud is therapeutic and useful for treating rheumatic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It’s also beneficial for fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, sports injuries, and recovery from orthopedic surgeries according to the DSRC. It’s even useful for relaxing sore muscles. Use the mud as a pack to treat specific sites (if you don’t have time for a full body treatment).

We've added Lavender Essential Oil to our Organic Dead Sea Mud as a skin calming serum as the mask dries. (Also available in Peppermint Essential Oil).

From the heart of Israel to you. 

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