Many people labor under the misconception that buttermilk is basically a buttery, high-fat milk. This couldn't be further from the truth. Not only is there no butter, per se, in buttermilk, but it's actually lower in fat than sweet milk. The "butter" in the word buttermilk is not a reference to its butteriness, but rather an explanation of where this versatile fermented beverage comes from... The first question I get asked when talking about our Buttermilk Body Butter is, “Does it smell like Buttermilk?” This is usually asked through a squinched-up face as if they are bracing for the worst reply. There’s no need to worry, our formula doesn’t smell at all like Buttermilk.

Buttermilk Body Butter is a head to toe butter that is paramount if you want brighter and fairer skin. Our formula contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which brightens and lightens skin, discolorations, marks, acne and other scars! The healthy acid clears tanned patches and dark spots. Buttermilk is also your go-to balm for healing sunburns! Buttermilk has an incredible array of soothing properties. It cools down the sunburned area as soon as you apply it, while its potent Vitamins A and C begin immediate healing.  

Buttermilk’s Anti-Aging properties make your skin look years younger. Would you be surprised to know that the AHA and Lactic Acid present in Buttermilk is found in almost every anti-aging product on the market. It’s ability to nourish and hold moisture in the skin have made it a staple in some of Korea’s most advanced skincare lines. Buttermilk Body Butter makes your skin BABY SOFT! Even Cleopatra used buttermilk in her beauty regimen. Buttermilk turns back the clock on photo aging! The Butter contains a type of protein that is easily absorbed when applied to the skin. Thin skin? Buttermilk It!

Let’s talk about Buttermilk being a Body Coolant. India is one of the hottest countries in the world. What do they turn to for refreshed skin? BUTTERMILK! Buttermilk is an important tool in the fight against hot flashes! Buttermilk has curd as the base which has cleaning enzymes. It helps cleanse and nourish the skin, especially combination skin types. 

But, Buttermilk Body Butter isn’t just for the BODY…Look at what it can do for your Luscious Locks…


1. Buttermilk can bring a significant change in the texture of your hair.
2. Helps cleanse your scalp leaving it feeling clean and fresh.
3. Fights dandruff and dryness.
4. Fortifies hair with essential nutrients and protein.
5. Heals dry, damaged, brittle hair.
6. Cools the scalp

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“This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

80% of what goes ON your skin goes IN your skin.

What are you wearing?

Why Buttermilk Body Butter?

Rich in Lactic Acid, Enzymes and Protein, Natural Bleaching Agent, Brightens Skin, Major GLOW Factor,

Lightens Age Spots & Freckles, Tightens Skin, Reduces Scarring, Soothes Sunburn,

Windburn and Chapped Skin, Cleanses Skin, Hair & Scalp Miracle, Fights Dandruff