The list, above, is our top sellers (out of 100 fragrances). Fragrances in Red are our Top 10 sellers in this category.  

There’s a new way to wear your favorite fragrance!

In ALL NATURAL GLYCERIN! Spray our amazing scents onto your skin from the base of our soothing emollient. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture into your skin. So your favorite essential oil blend now moistens your skin while adding a soft glow unmatched by general moisturizers. Our body spray treats fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and targets problem zones by locking in skin nourishing Vitamins and Trace Minerals. Cure dryness in the most alluring way possible. Not only face and body safe - face and body adored!

Totally touchable. Fragrance transformed.

Agave Lime - Essential Oil

Apricot Chamomile

Bubble Gum

Butt Naked

Cashmere & Silk

Country Apple​​

​Green Tea & Aloe

Honey Mandarin

L.O.V.E. (compare to Love Spell)

Lavender Apple

​Lavender (Pure)

Lemon Butter

Mango Coconut

Pear Blossom


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Pink Champagne

Tuscan Orange

​Vermont Honey Apple

​Vienna Rose Oud

A Night in Paris

​Blame It On Rio

Blue Agave



Green Tea & Apple


Spanish Fly

​Vanilla Papaya


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