I remember 4 distinct smells from when my children were little: Jergen's Baby Lotion (from the pink bottle), Baby Magic Lotion (from a yellow bottle), Johnson's Baby Powder in the huge white shaker and the foul diaper odor that forever seared those first three fragrances in my mind. When you're a product formulator for skin care products, there's no greater motivator to get something right than to make it for your own grandchild.

Back in the day before little ones called me, "Gigi," I didn't know the harmful commercial ingredients in all things baby. 

When my grandchildren were born there were issues...eczema, cradle cap and highly sensitive skin. Knowing the mineral oil and petroleum ingredients on the shelves at grocery markets, box stores and online, I set out to develop a Baby Butter that would serve several beautiful purposes (without the toxins):

- It would strengthen a baby's skin barrier to protect it from outside "forces."

- It would moisturize past the surface layer of skin with a naturally emollient pack of Vitamins A-K and much needed, Skin-Loving Minerals!

- It would provide a block to keep the baby's natural skin "sebum" from escaping.

- It would have a perfect pH balance.

- It would HEAL, yes I said, "Heal," Eczema.

- It would be a breathable formula so the sensitive skin could get much needed oxygen while still providing a soothing barrier against bacteria and toxins.

​Our beautiful blend is the perfect texture to let in my needed air (from top to bottom). Choose Unscented for Diaper Rash and Eczema Skin. For normal skin it can also be purchased in Almond Creme (a comforting dupe of Jergens), 

​Cloud 9 (the essence of the original Baby Magic) and our own Bedtime Baby with hints of powder and fresh lavender.

​Shelf life 1 year in temperate weather and avoiding direct sunlight. Refrigeration can extend shelf life. ​During transit, vegetable butters may possibly melt or partially melt. Some butters may crystallize if they resolidify too slowly. This does not impact the quality or usability of the butter.  

For topical use only. Only use Unscented for broken skin/rash. Do not use if there are Shea, Cocoa, Mango or Nut allergies.

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We never use Mineral Oil or Petroleum in our products.

80% of what goes ON their skin goes IN their skin.

Why our Baby Butt & Body Butter?