I remember being jealous of Captain Hook. I just knew if had a hook for a hand I could go throughout the day with some normalcy - working with one hand - scratching my skin off with the other. Such is the genetics of my family. From dry, scaly, dehydrated, allergy-riddled skin on my Dad's side to Rosacea and Eczema on my Mom's, my skin was always raw, angry and red. Always! And, I tried every over the counter and medicated creme on the market. Every. Single. One.

I began to study...really study the causes of itching. Then, I began to research which naturopathic ingredients could quench those causes at the source. That's when I found it. Chia Seed! We were already formulating a Bolivian Chia Body Butter; so, I knew that would be the perfect base. Our Chia Seeds are sourced from an organic, sustainable farm in Bolivia, cold processed by supercritical extraction (meaning pressed free of oxygen and solvents) to create the purest possible form of Chia Seed Oil.

And, since Chia Seeds are the planet's richest known source of 18:3 n-3 fatty acids, when we churn the chia seed oil into butter we turn this Super Food into a Super Moisturizer. That's great news for your skin, as omega-3s are known to be powerfully anti-inflammatory when applied topically. Chia Butter radically improves skin's permeability barrier function and stops trans-epidermal water loss and skin capacitance (dehydration). In plain old English? It’s really hydrating, which makes it an ideal moisturizer. There are even studies showing how topically applied Chia Seed Oil/Butter can help prevent and treat itchy, dry skin associated with underlying medical problems such as kidney disease, highlighting the multifaceted potential of this natural oil!

Once we had the perfect base, we added botanicals to take skin healing to the next level. While many of our Premium Body Butters help with itching (true moisturizing agents do that), we've taken Chia Body Butter and whipped it into an Anti-Itch Miracle!

Still jealous of Captain Hook? Scratch that! You've got a tried and tested Anti-Itch Body Butter. Life is Good.

Made from Scratch to Stop the Itch!

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