Private Label Products is the oldest private label bath, body, beauty, salon, spa and cosmedical products' manufacturer in the U.S. Long before it was a corporation, it was a simple concept (consisting only of a Milk Bath formula) in a small corner of Joseph N. Neel's, one of the nation's oldest and most historic clothing stores. In 1992, with the advent of big city shopping malls, Joseph N. Neel's shuttered its Macon, Georgia, doors. Armed with only the Milk Bath "recipe," the store owner's grandson, Roland Neel, launched a dynasty.

Today, Private Label Products is the global dominator of personal products' manufacturing. When new owners, John and Dawn Cox took the helm in 2015, Private Label Products moved into its naturopathic phase.  

Private Label quickly grew from 13 products (in 13 fragrances) to over 500 products (in 140 essential oil blends); and, this doesn't count all of the new products that are flavored - all raw ingredients, fair-trade sourced - all final products made in the U.S.A.  

16,000+ brick-and-mortar and online shops have made us their preferred vendor. We wholesale, private label and white label products and teach you to be your own product brand ambassador. On the manufacturing front, we contract manufacture hundreds of wholesale and commercial items; but, please don't let the size of our product list intimidate you. We welcome everything from Mom & Pop stores to Celebrity Brands to International Conglomerates. You are neither too small nor too large to do business with us.

Whether you're a firmly established company or you just have a concept on your "drawing board," consider us the one-stop-shopping-and-training destination of you becoming your own brand. From company/brand/product/fragrance design/naming to contract fulfillment - from contemporary to classic containers and logo design/labeling options - from social media specialization to store setup (including Facebook Live/Comment Sold/Sezzle), we have in-house teams to walk you through every phase of global domination of your own.

Your business could go in a million directions. This is the right one.

​It only takes a phone call to 478.475.0039.

Yes, we fill containers other than our own. Call for details. 

Let us help you design product packages that are

highly personalized, economically perfect and immensely profitable.

Private Label Products is a faith-based company. How faith-based? It is the heart of who we are and the foundation for all we do. We don't brandish the Agape Fish symbol and leave it at that. Get to know us. If you know what drives us, you'll be able to make a better, informed decision about being in business with us.

We serve Jesus Christ (Yeshua). We love our heavenly Father, God (Yahweh), with all of our hearts. Although we have to make an early income, we are most interested in our heavenly outcome. When you become a customer, you become a vested member in our family. You should know, we pray every morning for our friends, families, coworkers, clients and vendors. If you have a need that has nothing to do with bath and body products, pick up the phone anyway. We have prayer warriors in this building. We will drop everything and pray with you.

We are family owned. Our mothers, father, niece, children and grandchildren work in this factory. Speaking of mothers, mine is a pastor. She loves to wrap our bath bombs and prays over them as she does. So, that's our story. If that feels like home, we're waiting for you.

If you do not know our Savior as Lord of your life, please keep reading:

Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, gave his life for you. The Bible says, "We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." We live in difficult times. The Bible also says, "It's appointed unto man once to day; and, after that, the judgment."

God doesn't wish anyone to be lost. That includes you, your spouse, your children, your parents...your friends, your coworkers, your clients and your vendors!

Please search your heart and ask yourself where you want to spend eternity. I assure you, there's a loving Father waiting for you to call on him. Just say this prayer:

Dear Father:

Please forgive me for all my sins and wrongs. I believe that your son, Jesus, died for me and rose again. I ask for you to come into my heart and life and save me. Teach me your ways, God. Let me fall in love with you and become hungry for your Word and the life you would have me live. As you do this for me, please help me to lead others to come to the full knowledge of you.

I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

​Now, tell someone about your decision. We would love to hear from you. Then, find a Bible preaching church and get involved. It's a promising future. Welcome to it!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Tithes & Offerings: At least 10% of every penny you spend with us goes for tithes and offerings to a local church Passion Play, an addiction program called Celebrate Recovery, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews. Thank you for helping us make the world a better place.


If You Need a Prayer Partner, Call 478.475.0039