- Acneic Skin Care

- African Shea Body Butter aka Whipped Triple Body Butter

- ​After Sun Care 

​- Aloe Vera

- Anti-aging Serums

- Antibacterial Auto Cleaner

- Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (Triple Moisturizing)

- Antibacterial Home Cleaner

​- Anxiety Products

- Artisan Bar Soap

- Baby Butt & Body Butter / Nappy Balm

- Baby Lotion

- Baby Shampoo
- Bath Bombs / Bath Bomb Fizzy Powder / Bath Donuts

- Bath / Body Oil
- Bath Salt Soaks / 
Bath Teas

- Bath Whips / Whipped Soaps

​- Beard Balm / Beard Oil

- Body Balm

- Body Creme

- Body Frosting/Gelato

- Body Lotion

- Body Powder (All Natural, Talc Free) - COMING SOON

- Body Spray/Moisturizing Body Spray

- Botanical Bath Milk - COMING SOON

- Bubble Bath 

- Bug Bite Herbal Salve

- Bug Spray

- Custom Bar Soap
- Demerara Sugar Scrub/Superfood Scrub

- Deodorant (All Natural Magnesium)

- Diffuser Oils

- Eye Creme / Eye Gel / Eye Serum

- Face & Hair Toner

- Facial Cleanser

- Face Masks

- Feminine Balm

- Foot Fizzies

​- Foot Repair Butter / Scrub / Creme

- Foot Repair Fizzies / Foot Repair Soak
- French Lavender Body Butter (Premium)

- Gift-Wrapped Bar Soap

- Giftables/Travel Bags/Kits

- Hair Products
- Hand & Body Lotion / 
Hand Repair Balm

- Hand Soap - COMING SOON

​- Herbal Salves

- Insomnia Products
- Linen/Room/Pillow Spray

- Lip Products

- Loofah Soap

​- Lotion Bars (Cocoa Butter)

- Magnesium Products
- Massage Candle
- Massage Oil (Therapeutic)

​- Micellar Water
- Moisturizing Body Spray

- Moisturizing Creme
- Moisturizing Milk Protein Bubble Bath

- Navel Oils

- Organic Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask

- Pain Relief Products

- Pomade

- Raw, Superfood Honey 

- Sea Salt Products/Scrub/Body Polish

- Sensitive Skin Products

- Shampoo / Conditioner

- Shaving Creme/Aftershave

​- Shower Gel / Shower Steamers 

​- Spa Products

​- Stress Relief Body Balm

​- Tattoo Aftercare

- Whipped Soap

Who doesn't love Lavender?

The truth is, when you take a general consensus, you'll find a sharply divided audience. 

60% are enamored with it. 40% don't care for it. 

That was then. This is now...​

Your sense of smell is a very telling... and, ever-present creature. It tattles on you when you walk past the corner bakery and a whiff of something vanilla, and life sustaining, instantly transports you back, in time, to your favorite grandmother's kitchen. You know the one... She's right there, wearing her support hose and flour-covered, floral apron. In a director's cut, slo-mo, she scrapes a big blob of gooey dough onto a wax-covered cookie sheet. Instinctively, you know there's some good spoon- and bowl-licking in your immediate future. 

Your heart never forgets something like that, because the fragrance, and the feelings attached to it, bypass normal pathway travel in the body and go straight to the brain's olfactory filing cabinet. There, the entire experience, in all its painstaking detail and flood of emotions, a "Grandma's Cookies" trigger is filed under "forever."

id you know that the olfactory system (sense of smell), is located in the same part of your brain that affects emotions, memory, and creativity? 

Now, let's talk Lavender. There are Lavender "Purists," who cringe at the thought of any other fragrance notes being added to their pristine aroma. Others fall in love when you add a sprig of Fresh Spearmint or Cool Peppermint; some Melted Chocolate or Madagascar Vanilla; maybe even a touch of Baby Powder. Then, there are those who first discover they like it, cut with Green Apple, splashed with Sicilian Lemon, mingled with Blue Chamomile or blended with Wild Calendula...Kudzu...or Rose. From Lavender Champagne to Lavender Martini, I guess you could say I've become a Lavender "Connoisseur." Why should that be interesting (considering I work with essential oil blends for a living)? Short answer -  I spent most of my life thinking I didn't like Lavender. That is, until I learned the science of blending it.

Whether you own a spa, frequent a spa, are saving up for a day at the spa or just looking for the best possible way to relax, unwind and let go of stress, Lavender is the biggest selling fragrance of all time. Done right, it's the supreme money maker. Fortunately, for you, we do it. Exactly. Right.


For detailed aromatic notes from our scent library, please visit our "Description" page under the "Scents" tab. Because we are always adding to our amazing inventory, this page may always be

"Under Construction." Check back frequently to learn about our newest, "next big seller"; because, 

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill

Take your Lavender to the next level?

To Order Call 478.475.0039.


- Alii (Hawaiian) Lavender Type

- Baby Magic Type

​- Bedtime Baby aka Lavender Powder 

- Bedtime Bath Lavender & Chamomile Type

- Blackberry Lavender

- Blueberry Lavender

- Chocolate Lavender

- French Lavender

- Herbal Tea & Lavender

- Italian Lavender
- Lavender

- Lavender (Huggies Type)

- Lavender & Apricot Type

- Lavender Bellini

- Lavender & Fig (Fig Tree Type)

- Lavender & Rosemary

- Lavender Apple

- Lavender & Baby Powder

- Lavender Blooms
- Lavender Breeze EO

- Lavender Cedar Sandalwood

- Lavender Citrus (Lavender/Bergamot/Cucumber)

- Lavender Essential Oil

- Lavender & Flannel

- Lavender Floral aka Lavender Flowers & Lavender Garden

- Lavender Honey

- Lavender Leaves

- Lavender Lemonade

- Lavender Luxe

- Lavender Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey

- Lavender Marshmallow Type 

- Lavender Martini

- Lavender Mint
- Lavender Mist

- Lavender Myrrh Fantasy

- Lavender Ocean

- Lavender Peach

- Lavender Pound Cake

- Lavender Powder aka Bedtime Baby

- Lavender Rain aka Torrential Rain

- Lavender Rocks

- Lavender Rose

- Lavender Sage

- Lavender Satin (Lavender, Maple, Honey)

- Lavender Sea Salt

- Lavender Smooth

- Lavender Spice

- Lavender Violet

- Lavender Woods Type

- Lemon Lavender Type

- Lemongrass & Lavender

- Ming Fern & Lavender

- Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend

- Sweet Lavender

- Tangerine Lavender

- Vanilla Lavender Type

- White Pepper Lavender

- White Tea & Lavender

- Wisteria & Lavender


- Lavender & Cashmere

- Lavender & Frankincense

- Lavender Silk

- Plumeria & Lavender

It may surprise you to learn that Lavender is often used as

a middle or base note in Essential Oil Blends and Fragrance Oils.

Lavenderhas heavy molecules that take much longer to evaporate. 

It's these notes (even though you may not pick up on a 

distance Lavender aroma), that add to a blend's depth & richness

and anchor the scent so that it lingers longer.